What is Brazilian Slimming Tea?

Our Brazilian Slimming Tea is a natural weight-loss and body detoxification system.
The blend was used, and made popular by Brazilian Models for the ability to help them lose weight, detoxify the body, reduce bloating and more.

How does Brazilian Slimming Tea work?

Each package comes with 4 different tea blends.
Each blend is taken at a specified time during the day, and has its own unique benefits to help you meet your specific goals.
Generally, the Brazilian Slimming Tea Morning and Afternoon Blend will help increase your metabolism, reduce cravings, and shrink fat cells, while the Evening and Night Blends will help reduce bloating, and clear toxins out of our body.

Can men use Brazilian Slimming Tea?

This works for both men and women and we encourage either to try our products.
Our products also make the perfect gift as well.

What are the ingredients of the Brazilian Slimming Tea?

While each blend has a unique combination of tea and not each strain of tea is used in every blend, the tea strains that we use include: Premium Wulong Oolong Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Chickweed Tea, Billberry Tea, Mint Tea, Raspberry Tea, and Senna Tea.

How many Tea bags come in the box?

Each blend comes with a 15 day supply. One box of each blend includes 15 individual packs, and each order comes with 1 box of each blend.
4 boxes total in each order:
  • 1 box of Morning Blend = 15 individual tea packs
  • 1 box of Afternoon Blend = 15 individual tea packs
  • 1 box of Evening Blend = 15 individual tea packs
  • 1 box of Night Blend = 15 individual tea packs
That means you get a total of 60 individual packs in each order, which will last you 15 days per box.
Simply follow the Timing on each tea bag and watch the weight come off.

Is it safe?

Yes, this product is completely safe as long as you follow the instructions.
Each tea blend is comprised of only 100% natural tea.
There are no harmful preservatives or unsafe chemicals present in any of our tea blends.

What are the other positive benefits of the Brazilian Slimming tea?

Aside from enhancing your metabolism, the slimming tea also helps you attain beautiful and youthful looking skin, while increasing your overall wellness.

How much weight will I lose?

Each person will vary based on diet, genetics, and other factors, but you should immediately see a healthy reduction in appetite and increased energy levels - two of the most important components of weight loss - immediately after you try it.

Do I have to be on a “Crash Diet”

No, in fact we advise against crash dieting.
We provide you with a free meal plan that has recipes which not only taste great, but are healthy and easy to make, so you won’t have any trouble sticking with the plan. The recipes are designed to enhance and accelerate the benefits you’ll experience by using our products.